It's very important for many Queens bus riders to get involved in this process ASAP. [beam]

The critical money from the congestion pricing plan couldn't come soon enough to fix the deteriorating subway system, especially for the elevated portions of it. [wink]

pvrjr commented on MTA off on grant seeking

Another bad bureaucratic example of the MTA of not being going their own way for millions of us New Yorkers everyday. [smile]

pvrjr commented on Honoring young jail guard

The MTA is still not going our own way. 😁

pvrjr commented on Revive Q74 bus line

I used to take the Q74 bus once during my high school heyday: A very efficient little shuttler. 😀

pvrjr commented on Q44, Q46 cuts reversed

Nothing but a good start indeed for those transit desert neighborhoods. [smile]

pvrjr commented on Woodhaven Boulevard crash

Safety is the number one priority along this corridor. [wink]

pvrjr commented on End illegal tolls now

Since this is the only intra borough toll crossing in NYC, the MTA shouldn't get rid of these tolls a long time ago. Then again, thanks to the overall passage of Congestion pricing, expect much higher tolls in the Manhattan CBD. [sad]

This is the first step towards better bus service borough wide. Keep in mind that there will be bus redesign workshops in Queens for the next several months. [smile]

Public input from bus riders always matter to make this happen. [beam]