pvaldezriverajr commented on Less traffic congestion? We’ll see.

Got More Gridlock anyone? [angry]

pvaldezriverajr commented on DOT head walks back ‘Antichrist’ comment

Amen: Local news, specifically for NYC, specifically for Queens, that are always find the real truth against the buracratic machine of City Hall. [tongue]

pvaldezriverajr commented on End of the line for MetroCards in 2023

The dysfunctional MTA shouldn't done this several years ago, in order to deter fare evasion and collect more fare revenue and save a lot of money in the long run. [huh]

pvaldezriverajr commented on PS 144 traffic irks Community Board 6

Meanwhile, on the MTA front: The Q23 at Metropolitan Ave. is a major public relations disaster that was alleged by the MTA. [rolleyes]

pvaldezriverajr commented on City plans more SBS routes for Queens

Expect a decade of "David vs. Goliath" style bouts between the bureaucracy and the people: I guaranteed it. [beam]

At this rate, the entire subway system will be ADA accessible in the next several decades using several billions of dollars in our own money to do it. [sad]

pvaldezriverajr commented on Flushing pols reveal bus industry reg bills

These private bus companies should not doing business with NYC because of their own crappy record. [wink]

Nothing news about those planned subway changes due to state of good repair maintenance systemwide. [smile]

pvaldezriverajr commented on An idea for NYC: subways!

Let's find out when the "factual, impartial and objective" MTA study will be released by the end of the year: Time will always tell. [beam]

pvaldezriverajr commented on Malliotakis, Albanese talk animal policy

But I'm skeptical: What's here own financial plan and proposal on dealing with the MTA? [sad]