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Every year on Veterans Day, we honor the people who risk their lives to protect our country. Our disability program is part of our obligation to wounded warriors and their families. Social Security is an important resource for military members who return home with injuries.

If you know a wounded veteran, please let them know about our Wounded Warriors web page,

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income payments will jump 5.9 percent in January, the government said Wednesday, the biggest increase in nearly 40 years.

The average retiree will see his or her monthly benefit go up $92, from $1,565 to $1,657, according to the Social Security Administration.

There are countless reasons why you can benefit from using your personal my “Social Security” account. Here are five that highlight why opening an account today can help you and the people you love.

The Social Security cost-of-living adjustment for 2020 will be considerably lower than the 2.8 percent COLA received this year, according to a new estimate from The Senior Citizens League.

“The government’s consumer price index data for August indicates that COLA recipients can expect to get a benefit boost of about 1.6 percent in 2020,” says TSCL’s Social Security policy analyst, Mary Johnson. “That would raise an average retiree benefit of $1,460 by about $23.40 per month, a big drop from the $40.90 that people with that level of benefits received this year,” Johnson says.