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Queens Borough President Donovan Richards is seeking input from the public on where the city should plant more trees.

Southeast Queens, where Borough President Donovan Richards grew up and found his political bearing, was chosen for the test run of his “Borough Hall on Your Block” initiative. Part of the reason, he says, is its people are passionate about improving conditions in their community.

“They’re relentless,” he said. “They’re civically engaged. You can’t pull one over their eyes.”


There are no two ways about it: Tommie Agee was a baseball hero in New York. His catches in Game 3 of the 1969 World Series, one sprinting in left-center and one sprawling in right-center, live on in Mets lore as pivotal moments in the team’s magical run to the top.

Still, as he was honored on Friday on the grounds where his Outfielder’s Lounge nightclub once stood, those who knew him best say his trademark humility would have persisted. His 1969 teammate, and friend of 68 years, former Mets left fielder Cleon Jones, said he was not the type to pat himself on the back. His daugher, J’nelle, said his awe would have been pronounced, but subdued.