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After months of negotiating, the City Council and Mayor Adams have reached an agreement to make outdoor cafes low-cost and nearly year-round fixtures citywide.

Breeana Mulligan, a spokeswoman for City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams (D-Jamaica), said by creating a permanent outdoor dining program the Council has created more opportunities for restaurateurs to cut through red tape so they can benefit from sidewalk cafes.

The city last week began tearing down sidewalk dining structures that had fallen into disuse and disrepair after the restaurants that erected them closed.

Mayor Adams and Meera Joshi, deputy mayor for operations, said that will continue as the city works on crafting outdoor dining regulations that will be uniform and permanent.

After the City Planning Commission unanimously came out in favor of the plan to make Open Restaurants permanent last month, setting it up for a final Council vote, the Department of Transportation regrouped with the Queens Borough Board on Monday to keep the members updated.

The Queens presentation, the first of a five-borough listening tour that the DOT has planned, facilitated a conversation about design guidelines for the permanent program. It also gave the DOT a chance to address concerns that many community boards have raised about how it will enforce rules governing the dining structures around the city.