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The westbound Union Turnpike to westbound Grand Central Parkway ramp is a new concept. The ramp from eastbound Jackie Robinson Parkway to eastbound GCP is a redesign, is carried on a new bridge structure, has standard lane and shoulder widths, which did not exist before, and eliminated a stop sign that had been at the bottom of the previous ramp.

The state Department of Transportation said approximately 600,000 drivers use the interchange daily, which causes extreme traffic.

Just who is responsible for cleaning litter and trash that has accumulated along a fence on a stretch of Union Turnpike in Kew Gardens?

Kevin O’Leary, a 40-year resident and a member of Community Board 9, doesn’t know, though he has been trying to find out since late May. But neither, apparently, do three city agencies, each of which pointed the finger at one of the others in email exchanges with the Chronicle from July 29 to Aug. 5.