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Queens families who were displaced due to flooding from Hurricane Ida have been granted an extension to remain in the Radisson JFK Hotel instead of being forced to relocate to Brooklyn.

“Great news! After much advocacy, [the mayor and his Community Affair’s Unit] announced that the families impacted by Hurricane Ida who have been placed in temporary shelter at the Radisson JFK can remain there until February 28th,” said Assemblywoman Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas (D-Elmhurst) in a tweet. “This brings a sense of security to families during the holidays,” she said.

After Hurricane Ida flooded large swathes of New York City and became the most recent climate event to expose its vulnerabilities, the City Council passed two pieces of legislation aimed at addressing climate change last Thursday.

One bill, sponsored by Councilmember Justin Brannan (D-Brooklyn), will require the city to identify and plan for climate change-related hazards. Another, sponsored by Councilmember Danny Dromm (D-Jackson Heights), will tackle its carbon footprint by creating a fleet of electric buses.

Queens leaders celebrated La Jornada’s food pantry Sept. 27 and a generous donation of 10,000 bagels from Bagels by Bell and REIL Capital.

For every crisis, the Queens Night Market steps up.

This year, the weekly outdoor sm…rgåsbord raised over $27,000 to help its neighbors in need who have been affected by both the pandemic and Hurricane Ida.

La Jornada has been on the front lines of the pandemic since the beginning, and still is. But now, it’s on the front lines of hurricane relief, too, even though it was also one of the many victims of Hurricane Ida.

The Flushing-based food pantry sustained flooding from the storm three weeks ago, but continued serving its community. La Jornada has provided food assistance to as many as 2,000 families a day on average since Ida, despite the hindrance.


The residents of The Hole, a small neighborhood on the northwestern edge of Lindenwood that sits more than 10 feet below street level, are no strangers to flooding.

Overflows that continue to burble up from the ground over two weeks after a rainstorm, on the other hand, are a new phenomenon.