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Mayoral Democratic nominee and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held an Ethnic and Community Media Town Hall Monday for the last leg of his campaign ahead of the Nov. 2 general election, which is in two weeks.

On the mind of many news outlets was public safety.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held an Ethnic and Community Media Town Hall on Oct. 18 via Zoom to discuss public safety, Covid-19 and …

With four months left in office, Mayor de Blasio said this week he has no plan for dealing with the combination of poor drainage infrastructure and illegal apartments that resulted in 13 deaths in the city from the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa, the top two men hoping to take his job in January, don’t have that luxury.

August brought a slew of violent shootings to New York City, with at least 30 people injured across the five boroughs, and 10 were wounded in a gang-related shooting in Corona on the last day of July. Officials called the violence “bold, “brazen” and “coordinated.”

Corona residents held a march for peace last Friday, following the shooting on 37th Avenue the weekend before. Two men on foot fired into a crowd on Saturday, July 31, around 10:40 p.m. They were followed by two men on scooters, on which the four fled the scene.

There are at least three driving forces behind the upsurge in hate crimes, attacks on important institutions and overall disrespect for the law that we’ve been suffering the last couple of years. In one of them public policy can have virtually no influence, in another it can have a fair amount and in the third it can have a great deal of impact.

We’re talking here about everything from hate crimes committed against people to vandalism to routine quality-of-life offenses, because we believe they all have some things in common. They’re all on the rise, in part because public policy is not discouraging them, and they reveal what seems to be a growing degree of pathology among the population, preceding the pandemic but clearly exacerbated by it.