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The city is upping its effort to keep waste hauling clean.

Last Wednesday, Mayor Adams announced unlawful waste-hauling charges against three companies hired for a construction project at JFK Airport.

An Irishman from Galway was released on $20,000 bond and made his first appearance in court on Jan. 14 before a Brooklyn Federal Court after allegedly disrupting an eight-hour flight from Dublin to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica earlier this month.

Shane McInerney, 29, allegedly refused to wear a face mask, threw a beverage, striking another passenger’s head, pulled down his pants and underwear to moon a flight attendant and other passengers and took off his own cap and put it on the flight captain’s head, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

The second section of a modern LaGuardia Airport began serving customers on Monday, with flights departing from Delta Airlines new Terminal C concourse.

LaGuardia is in the midst of an $8 billion reconstruction. The seven new gates are serving 60 flights per day to and from Boston, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Delta Airlines last week granted a sneak peak behind the ongoing $1.2 billion construction project aimed at turning John F. Kennedy International Airport into its hub for overseas travel.

Company officials from corporate headquarters in Atlanta as well as leaders of the design and construction effort took media on a guided tour on Oct. 18 to see just how one renovates and expands a modern terminal while the old one still must function to serve millions of passengers a year.