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A Downtown Flushing church celebrated its 151st anniversary Nov. 14.

Ebenezer Baptist Church has stood at 36-12 Prince St. since it was founded in 1870. In that century and a half, the church and its congregants have become a vital aspect of the Downtown Flushing community. The southwest corner of Prince Street and Northern Boulevard was even co-named “Dr. T. P. Mitchell Way” by the city in 2013 to honor the late and longtime Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor.


When Resorts World Casino opened 10 years ago, “the naysayers thought the apocalypse was coming,” recalled state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach). “And they find, 10 years later, that was the furthest it could have been from the truth.”

Resorts World New York City, the only casino in the city, celebrated its 10th anniversary on Oct. 28, a celebration preceded by the August grand opening of the new luxury hotel, Hyatt Regency JFK Airport.

For better or worse, for much of the world outside of Queens, the borough is symbolized by a man who never existed: Archie Bunker. The star character of television’s “All in the Family,” one of the most popular and highly regarded shows ever made, was a gruff, blue-collar guy, old-fashioned and more than a little racist and sexist, but one who often did the right thing in the end, even if he had to be brought there kicking and screaming by his wife, Edith.

Actor Carroll O’Connor’s portrayal of Bunker was doubtlessly the key reason TV Guide ranked him the 38th greatest television star of all time in 1996. It later named Bunker himself the fifth greatest TV character ever.

To the men who killed him, Julio Rivera was apparently just a gay man upon whom they could inflict their hate. But to the residents of Jackson Heights, Rivera was the catalyst who would propel them to enact positive changes within their community.

Early morning on July 2, 1990, Rivera was leaving Friends Tavern, a local gay bar, when he was violently beaten and stabbed to death in a playground by three men affiliated with the gang called Doc Martin Skinheads. According to testimony cited in The New York Times, Daniel Doyle, 21, Erik Brown, 21, and Esat Bici, 19 were hunting for a “drug dealer or a drug addict or a homo out cruising” to use their hammer and knife on.

Could learning to drive and parallel park in Queens be good practice for docking a Space Shuttle at the International Space Station? Maybe, but it really takes a lot of education and The Right Stuff — both of which Ozone Park native Charles Camarda has in spades.

Camarda was a crew member aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on the historic Return to Space Flight of July 26 to Aug. 9, 2005, the first shuttle mission since the tragic loss of the Columbia and its crew on Feb. 1, 2003. The flight was designed not only as a rendezvous with the ISS but as a test for new protocols meant to avoid any repeat of the Columbia disaster, which was caused by a piece of insulation that broke off during launch, damaging part of the shuttle’s hull and causing it to burn up on re-entry.

Claire Shulman rose to power in 1986 with the death of Borough President Donald Manes, but 1989 was the year she was elected to her first full term.

Shulman, who was Manes’ deputy, succeeded the troubled and scandal-ridden borough president, who committed suicide. She was appointed to replace him by the City Council and later in 1986 elected to complete his term.

Tommy Huang, the controversial developer from Flushing, has been in the news for more than three decades — known for building and damaging properties throughout Queens and probably more than anything, destroying the RKO Keith’s Theatre.

Although Huang made several attempts to ruin the Keith’s, it was a longstanding oil leak for which he was criminally charged in 1997.