‘LIC Fear Returns’ combines art and horror 1

LIC Fear Returns is back in October. The art show and indpendent film fesitval is accepting submissions.

After a successful run last year, the Plaxall Gallery at 5-46 46 Ave., LIC will host “LIC Fear Returns” throughout October and early November.

It’s a month-long fine art show and an independent horror film festival that runs the last weekend of the exhibition.

“Art has always been there but also the love for horror,” said curator Jason Artiga. “I kind of combined those two.”

Artiga, a professional photographer and painter, was the curator of the LIC Horror Film Festival at 5 Pointz in 2012. After a five year hiatus Artiga and curator Tessa Kennedy decided to take the idea and rebrand it.

“I was surprised at how many people came to a lot of the events but at the same time I thought it was a good idea, I knew it was a good idea and seeing it come together successfully was very gratifying,” Kennedy said.

Year two of the show means a return to something that was wildly popular but something new in a sense. “I’m not Matthew Barney from Guggenheim who can do a Cremaster series,” Artiga said. “I’m just this local born and bred New Yorker who is a curator, who has never done a sequel to a show before.”

The large rear gallery will be able to accommodate work from approximately 90 artists according to Edjo Wheeler, artistic director of the Plaxall Gallery.

“Having a gallery like the Plaxall to be able to produce work like this is the greatest gift,” Wheeler said.

Halloween brings something out in people that’s bottled up for the rest of the year.

“My favorite part about doing certain themes, but in particular the Halloween one, artists that you wouldn’t expect to have a darker side end up submitting work,” Wheeler said. “And they’re artists I recognize but I don’t recognize their work and this gives them an opportunity to explore their darker side.”

Kennedy said some artists have admitted they had work they never thought would see the light of day before this exhibit.

The exhibition will run from Oct. 4 through Nov. 4, with submissions being accepted through Sept. 16. Artwork should include themes involving the supernatural, legends, horror movies and literature.

‘LIC Fear Returns’ art, film call for submissions
When: Art: by Sun., Sept. 16
Film: by Sun., Oct. 7
Entry: $20 (refundable if not accepted).
(917) 287-3093, licartists.org

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