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Valerie Green Dance Entropy is offering virtual classes to encourage individuals to get up and move despite being stuck at home.

In a time when going outside is discouraged, finding the opportunity to get up and move can be challenging. In an effort to encourage individuals to exercise their dance moves and to lift their spirits, Valerie Green Dance Entropy of Long Island City is offering virtual workshops for those stuck at home.

“Our city has evolved rapidly from an ‘in your face’ mentality to a strange time of socially distancing,” Executive Director and class leader Valerie Green said in an email. “Dance Entropy and Green Space have sadly missed daily encounters with our dancers, choreographers and the outreach communities we serve. We quickly decided to create a diverse, virtual space to embrace and support our community during this mandated time of separation.”

Workshops are offered via Zoom and are available for dancers of all ages, though some are specifically geared for particular age groups, such as “Seniors Get Up and Dance,” offered on Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m., and “Kids Movement Playground,” offered Tuesdays from 3 to 3:50 p.m.

“Where everything seems to be out of our control, we aim to create a nurturing virtual container for physical and emotional expression in a safe and calm environment,” said Green. “Our offerings center around bringing people together first and foremost, creating an outlet for those needing a firm grounding or surety in themselves — when all is spinning around them they can find peace from within — and providing an opportunity for movement.”

Green leads several programs herself, including “Dance Your Frame” on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m., which focuses on strength, body mechanics and “some needed fun.” The program is $20 per class, but other workshops are available for free.

Individual classes with Green are also available, such as the “One-On-One Core Energetics Sessions,” which focus on touch, breath and vocal expression through physical and emotional exercises.

To offset the loss of income due to the pandemic, Dance Entropy is raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign, Valerie Green Dance Entropy Fundraiser. The organization has a goal of $1,000 and is thanking donors by providing a link to a full-length dance performance.

“While society seems to be stagnant and on hold we want those around us who are feeling stuck in their homes to have an opportunity of physical activity,” said Green. “Dance Entropy stands strong alongside our community to serve and survive the course of the pandemic and for years to come.”

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