Serving pizza slices with a side of family in Ozone Park
Frank Guidici Jr. shows off one of the many pies offered at Enzo’s Pizzeria.

   The Guidici family knows food.

   Husband and wife duo Frank and Francesca Guidici grew up in Sicilian households in Howard Beach, and learning to cook came almost as naturally to them as breathing. So, when they started discussing opening a pizzeria next to the car wash they own in Ozone Park, it was not a hard decision to make.

   “We love it,” said Howard Beach resident Francesca Guidici, who, along with her husband, opened Enzo’s Pizzeria in Ozone Park in January. “We love the customers —the new people we get to meet and the people who have become regulars.”

   Enzo’s Pizzeria is located at 81-02 Rockaway Blvd., right next to Colony Car Wash, which the Guidicis opened almost eight years ago. They plan to open Uncle Louie G. in May on the other side of the pizzeria, which will offer such desserts as ice cream, iced coffee and slushies.

   “It’ll be nice because people can drop their car off to get washed, grab a slice and an ice cream, and sit outside on the patio while they wait for their car,” Francesca Guidici said.

   The pizzeria, which offers an area for customers to sit down and enjoy their food, will soon have a dining area with table service after an addition is completed in a couple weeks.

   Enzo’s Pizzeria is very much a family affair, and Francesca and Frank Guidici’s three sons —Frank Jr., 27; Michael, 16; and John, 13 put in a lot of hours working at their parents’ establishment.

   Additionally, they have known their chef and pizza maker for so long that they are now considered family.

   “We were happy to open this place because the neighborhood really needed a place to eat,” Frank Guidici Jr. said. “We saw there weren’t any other pizza places around here.”

   Enzo’s, which is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, offers a variety of brick oven pizzas with a multitude of toppings, including buffalo chicken, barbecue chicken, and garden pizza. Prices vary from $12 for a regular cheese pizza to $20 for a chicken caesar salad pizza. A regular slice costs $2.

   Customers can get much more than just pizza at Enzo’s, including chicken parmigiana, shrimp parmigiana, meatballs and peppers and eggs.

   A long list of appetizers includes garlic bread, fried calamari, bruschetta and buffalo wings. Specials are served daily.

   Anyone who spends $30 at Enzo’s also gets a free car wash at Colony.

   For more information, call (718) 296-0880.





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This restaurant is absolutely amazing. The chef makes the best Fettuccine Alfredo I've ever tasted. The Linguine and white clam sauce is better than any I've ever had in Little Italy. My husband, sons and I are made to feel at home the minute we walk through the door. I hope that this great restaurant is here for years to come.

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