The rise and rapid fall of Queens BP Donald Manes 1

Edward Manes married Belle Cohen in November 1922. A daughter named Edith Hope Manes was born in February 1925. Belle gave birth again on Jan. 18, 1934 to identical twin boys they named Donald and Morton. Edward owned a wholesale dairy business on Stone Avenue in the heart of Brownsville in Brooklyn.

Donald fell in love, and married Marlene Warshofsky in 1955 at age 21. A fast-rising star, he was an assistant district attorney at age 27, member of the City Council at 31 and borough president of Queens at 37. He purchased an English Tudor 2,300-square-foot home on a 75-by-110-foot lot at 80-65 Chevy Chase St. in Jamaica Estates.

Shortly after re-election to a fifth term as Queens borough president in 1985 he was trapped in a scandal involving bribes and kickbacks. The pressure mounted until he resigned from office. Claire Shulman, his deputy, took command of Borough Hall.

On March 13, 1986, while talking to his psychiatrist, Dr. Elliot Wineburg, on the phone Manes plunged a 14-inch EKCO flint knife into his chest, ending his life at age 52.

The beautiful home was sold by Marlene shortly after his death. It was last sold again in 2017 for the sum of $1,470,000, records show, and has been given a refaced exterior with a totally new look today.

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