Stempel, the quiz show  whistleblower, lived in FoHi 1

The home of “Quiz Show” whistleblower Herbert Stempel for 66 years, at 105-10 66 Ave. in Forest Hills, as the building appears today.

Herbert Stempel was born in 1926. He was blessed with a photographic mind for retaining information. After serving in World War II, he went to City College under the GI Bill.

He married Toby Mantell in September 1954, the daughter of a wealthy hosiery manufacturer from Riverside Drive in Manhattan. They moved to Queens and set up home at 105-10 66 Ave. in Forest Hills, Apt 3G.

Stempel’s photographic memory got him a spot on television as a contestant on quiz show “Twenty-One.” After winning $69,500, the producers felt he had hit his plateau and had to take a dive. He agreed and was promised more work in television in return.

But when Stempel was refused any future work he went public with the corruption of the show giving answers in advance to the questions. A huge scandal followed and was the basis of the 1994 movie “Quiz Show,” with John Turturro playing Stempel.

After the scandal he became a high school social studies teacher. He lost his wife, Toby, in 1980, and later married Ethel Feinblum. He passed away at age 93 in April 2020 after living in the same apartment for 66 years.

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