Son of Sam and the Eléphas 1

Eléphas Disco was desolate after a Son of Sam shooting nearby on June 26, 1977, but hopped again on Aug. 11, after the arrest of David Berkowitz the prior day.

We just passed the 41st anniversary of the arrest of the Son of Sam, serial killer David Berkowitz, who wreaked havoc in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx — scaring the entire city in 1976 and ’77.

He was finally arrested on Aug. 10, 1977, after a 13-month killing spree that left six dead and even more injured, many of them young couples.

Two victims, who both survived, were shot near a popular club in Bayside called Eléphas. Formerly Humperdink’s Supper Club, the disco at 210-22 Northern Blvd. was named after the Asian elephant. It opened in 1976 and immediately became popular among the upper-middle class baby boomers of Bayside and the surrounding areas. Jimmy Yu, the club’s famous DJ pioneer, was half Puerto Rican and, the kids said, was blessed with the Latin rhythms and movements of his mother’s lineage. Many were shocked when he later admitted he could not dance himself.

But on June 26, 1977, The .44-Caliber Killer struck near the club, wounding victims Sal Lupo, 20, and Judy Placido, 17. Luckily, their wounds were fairly minor. But the crowds at Eléphas were no more.

Berkowitz was arrested on Aug. 10, however, and starting the next night, the club boomed more than ever.

Eléphas has gone through a succession of owners since then and eventually became a Korean restaurant. Yu, still a DJ, relocated to Palm Beach, Fla., in 1990.

And Berkowitz says he’s found God.

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