Radio science pioneerlived in Forest Hills Gardens 1

The home of John Vincent Hogan as it appeared in the 1940s at 239 Greenway South in Forest Hills Gardens.

John Vincent Hogan was born on Valentine’s Day in 1890 in Philadelphia. At the age of 12 in 1902, he constructed his first wireless station.

In 1906 he began his career as a laboratory assistant to famous inventor Lee de Forest, “The Father of Radio.” He married Edith Schrader in 1917, and they had a son, John Jr., in 1920. They set up home at 307 Burns St. in Forest Hills.

In 1921 Hogan started experiments with mechanical television, FM broadcasting and facsimile transmission. Needing more room, he bought a large home at 239 Greenway South in Forest Hills Gardens in 1925.

On March 26, 1929 he launched his own experimental radio station W2YR in New York City. It was capable of transmitting a four-column newspaper complete with illustrations at 500 words a minute. He later renamed his station WQXR. In 1944 he became a wealthy man selling WQXR to The New York Times for the sum of one million dollars. In 1956 the received the IEEE Medal of Honor, the highest award for electrical and electronics engineers for exceptional contributions to the industry.

Hogan continued to tinker in his big house until he passed away at home at age 70, on Dec. 29, 1960.

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