Pinup Marilyn Hanold, from Glendale to Hollywood 1

The childhood home of Playboy Playmate and Centerfold of the Month Marilyn Hanold, at 71-32 69 Place in Glendale.

Before becoming a Playboy playmate and a centerfold for the magazine, Marilyn Hanold grew up at 71-32 69 Place in Glendale. She was born on June 9, 1938, the second of six children, to Margaret Bannach and George Charles Hanold Jr.

Her father was born on July 8, 1906, on Bleecker Street in Ridgewood. He was the only son of German immigrant parents, and they and his three younger sisters lived crammed together in a small apartment. Upon graduation from high school, he joined the NYPD, where he eventually rose to the rank of detective lieutenant. After marrying Margaret in 1932, he bought the Glendale home for his family of eight.

Marilyn began modeling around 1952, the year her father passed away. She found work at the El Rancho casino in Las Vegas and later Ciro’s in Hollywood. She was selected as Playmate of the Month June 1959 for Playboy magazine, photographed by Bruno Bernard. Her famous agent Meyer Mishkin, who discovered Gregory Peck, Charles Bronson, Gary Busey and others, got her work in many television shows and movies.

She married oil tycoon Rulon Neilson, who was over 25 years her senior, in April 1967 and gave birth to three daughters. The marriage lasted until his death in 1993.

Her childhood home looks the same today with the exception of fresh new siding.

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