Lux apartments an ode to LIC’s manufacturing past 1

The Peter F. Mallon Printing Co., 45-29 Court Square, Long Island City in summer 1950. Today it is 27-28 Thomson Ave.

The Pickford Building constructed in 1920 at the corner of Court Square and Thomson Avenue was one of six buildings that Eagle Electrical Manufacturing founders Louis and Philip Ludwig used in their business throughout the city. The company eventually moved to Greensboro, NC and later to Mexico.

Peter F. Mallon, born on April 20, 1897, into a devout Catholic family, worked hard as a salesman in the printing industry. He took over the building in 1947 and formed one of the largest printing factories and lithographers in the city. It had a spur connected to the Long Island Railroad line behind the building that came inside and moved their merchandise cheaply and quickly all over the country.

Mallon was a lay Catholic leader who did many good things for the Catholic community. He traveled daily from his home on Andrews Avenue in the Bronx. Sadly he collapsed and died on August 17, 1959 at age 62. His son Harry, a brilliant Fordham graduate, took the reins of the printing empire. Harry passed away young as well, at age 67 in 1991 from cancer of the esophagus. By this time printing was being outsourced to foreign countries and the business closed.

The factory had large windows which were perfect for conversion to apartment residential living. The entrance to the building was moved around and renumbered 27-28 Thomson Ave. The Pickford Building was renamed Arris Lofts. Today it is one of the most exclusive rehabilitatedbuildings in Long Island City with units selling in excess of $l million.

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