Lucy Liu, from Jackson Heights to Hollywood lights 1

The childhood home of actress Lucy Liu at 32-29 76 St. in Jackson Heights, as it looked in the 1960s, with original crank-out casement windows.

Lucy Liu was born in Queens on Dec. 2, 1968 to Hang Liu (known as Tom), a civil engineer who sold digital clock pens, and Cecilia Liu. They originally came from Beijing and Shanghai, respectively, immigrating first to Taiwan. They finally met and married in New York.

Lucy had an older brother, John, and sister, Jenny. Shortly before she was born her parents realized they were going to need more room. Polish immigrant Albin Peplinski decided to retire and move to Florida. The Liu family purchased his three-bedroom, 1.5-bath, 1,224-square-foot brick home at 32-29 76 St. in Jackson Heights. Lucy spoke Mandarin at home and learned martial arts.

After graduating JHS 145, she opted to go to Stuyvesant High in Manhattan and later the University of Michigan. She came up the ranks from commercials to television and theater. In 2000, she made history as the first Asian woman to host “Saturday Night Live.”

She is sometimes best loved in her badass movie villainess roles. In reality, she is really sweet, warm and kind. After she moved to California, her sister continued to live in their childhood home, eventually selling and moving to Massachusetts. Public records show the house last sold in 2019 for $789,500 and is worth more today.

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