Inventor and engineer Marantz lived in Kew Gardens 1

The home of Saul Marantz at 124 81 Ave. in Kew Gardens, as it looked in the 1940s when he purchased it.

Jacob “Jack” Marantz, a Romanian immigrant, married Bella Kozinn in Manhattan on June 27, 1910. Their first born, Saul Bernard Marantz, arrived on July 7, 1911. A brother, Charles, and sister, Edith, soon followed.

Saul married Jean Dickey in 1940. His original interest was commercial art. They moved out to 124 81 Ave. in Kew Gardens in 1945. He started tinkering in his basement with a radio that he took out of his 1940 Mercury and was hooked on electronics.

In 1952, his first success as an inventor was a pre-amp, used to reduce interference, which he called the “Consolette.” He started to produce high-end audio equipment with an eye-pleasing simplicity of styling. Units were originally produced on Long Island and in 1966 factory operations moved to Japan, after Marantz had sold his company.

He started another business in 1972, making loudspeakers, and retired in 1978. He later moved to Bridgewater, NJ, and passed away on Jan. 1, 1997 at age 85. The name Marantz remains respected worldwide and is owned today by Sound United LLC.

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