Hollywood sex offender was produced here in Queens 1

The childhood home of Harvey Weinstein was in this Electchester co-op at 65-90 160 St. in Fresh Meadows, seen here as it appears today. Inset, his 1969 John Bowne High School yearbook photo.

Max Weinstein was born in Manhattan on June 4, 1924, son of an Austrian immigrant fish peddler. He had a passion for diamonds and started as a diamond cutter for the Universal Diamond Co. as soon as he turned 18.

In June 1950, he married Miriam Postel, the daughter of an immigrant from a part of Belarus that had been in Poland. They moved to the new Electchester Co-ops in Fresh Meadows at 65-90 160 St., apt. 1G. Their first son, Harvey, was born in March 1952, followed by Robert in October 1954.

Always fans of the cinema they knew as teens what industry they would be going into. After graduating John Bowne High in Flushing, Harvey went to the University of Buffalo, where he produced rock concerts. In 1979 the brothers blurred the line between “independent” and “studio” production, creating Miramax, its name honoring their loving parents, Max and Miriam. They promoted “niche market” films, which eventually led to Oscar-winning films. Harvey in particular was praised many times in Academy Awards speeches, second only to Steven Spielberg, according to a 2015 study.

But whispers of sexual misconduct broke through to the media. Many allegations were made, and Weinstein eventually was charged with and convicted of rape. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison, faces another trial and recently tested positive for COVID-19. His childhood home looks exactly the same today and is still a fine place to raise a family.

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