Hearing voices in Rego Park? It must be Hank Azaria 1

The childhood home of actor Hank Azaria, Walden Terrace, at 98-34 63 Drive in Rego Park, as it appears today.

Albert Azaria and Ruth Altcheck were married in Queens in December 1950. They decided to make their home at 98-34 64 Drive in Rego Park. Two daughters followed, Stephanie and Elise.

On April 25, 1964, a son named Henry Albert, “Hank,” was born. Albert, a successful dress manufacturer with brands Simon Sez and Sherwood Fashions, could afford to pay to send his son to the elite Kew-Forest School, the same school future President Trump had attended.

A lifelong huge fan of Jack Lemmon, Hank caught the acting bug at age 16. He hit major success voicing characters on “The Simpsons,” the hit animated series that debuted in 1989. He says he has done between 100 and 150 voices for characters over the years. In 1996 he won film fame as the over-the-top feminine, gay house servant to Robin Williams in “The Birdcage.” Azaria claims he modeled the character after his grandmother.

His parents retired and relocated to Miami, but Hank stayed a New Yorker and bought an estate in Westchester, which he is currently offering to sell for $3.25 million.

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