Fox’s Brian Kilmeade’s  roots run deep in Queens 1

The family home of Brian Kilmeade of “Fox & Friends” at 82-25 Eliot Ave. in Middle Village, as it looked in the 1950s.

James Kilmeade, born in Longford, Ireland, in 1905, came to New York in 1925, became a citizen and married in 1930. His son James Jr. was born in 1931. He became a restaurateur, with Kilmeade’s of Long Island City and Kilmeade’s Inn of Manhasset, LI. He bought a new home at 82-25 Eliot Ave. in Middle Village in 1938.

James Jr. met Marie Rose D’Andrea of St. Albans at a Catholic interparish dance, and they married in 1960. They moved to 67-02 188 St. in Fresh Meadows. First son James III was born in 1961. Marie Rose’s family soon moved out to Massapequa, LI. Pregnant with their next son, Brian, the Kilmeades bought a house in Massapequa, too. Brian was born in May 1964 followed by a third son, Steven, in 1966.

Brian’s hobby as a child was collecting newspaper headlines, a premonition of his future occupation. He married his childhood high school sweetheart Dawn DeGaetano and they now have three children. His grandfather’s Middle Village house was always the family holiday meeting place, up until his death in 1992.

Brian started his career as a sports anchor. He rose to fame after joining Fox News in 1997, where he became co-host of “Fox & Friends,” a post he has today, along with hosting “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Fox News Talk radio.

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