Emmanuel Constant: Massacre suspect fled to boro 1

The home of the mother of Emmanuel Constant, where he lived while in exile in the U.S. at 137-35 225 St. in Laurelton, as the house looked in the 1950s.

Emmanuel Gerard “Toto” Constant was born in Haiti on Oct. 27, 1956. His parents were diplomats from Haiti. His father later became the Army chief of staff for Haitian dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

In 1993, two years after the 1991 Haitian coup d’ e’tat, Constant formed Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti, which people allege was nothing more than a death squad, its purpose to terrorize Haitians who supported President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Its members have been accused of killing and torturing thousands.

After the 1994 Raboteau Massacre, in which at least 23 people were killed, Constant was convicted in absentia in 2001 and was sentenced to life in prison. The conviction was eventually set aside on a technicality. But he was a friend of the U.S., working for the CIA from 1992 to 1994. He entered the country and moved in with his mother and aunt at 137-35 225 St. in Laurelton.

He became a real estate agent selling homes in Cambria Heights to fellow Haitians he allegedly once terrorized. He couldn’t stay out of trouble, arrested in 2006 for defrauding Sun Trust Mortgage Bank and Fremont Investments. He was sentenced in 2008 to 12 to 37 years in prison. He was deported back to Haiti on June 23, 2020. He was arrested when he got off the plane. His fate is currently unknown.