Eisenstaedt did Life in Jackson Heights apartment 1

The home Alfred Eisenstaedt, The Salem at 72-15 37 Ave. in Jackson Heights, as it appeared in the 1940’s when he lived there.

Alfred Eisenstaedt was born on Dec. 6, 1898 in Dirschau, West Prussia, or what is today Tczew, Poland.

He became a full-time photographer in 1929 and was respected early on. He was not comfortable being Jewish in Germany, so he left for America on The Ile de France with his wife, Liselotte. They arrived in New York on Dec. 3, 1935 and immediately petitioned for American citizenship, which was granted in 1944.

Eisenstaedt once lived at 150 East 52 St. in Manhattan. He was hired to work for new Life magazine in 1936. He shot 90 front covers until the magazine’s 1972 closure. One of his most famous works was the 1945 V-J Day photo of a nurse being kissed and dipped by a sailor in Times Square.

The Eisenstaedts moved into the 72-15 37 Ave. apartment building in Jackson Heights, designed by Arthur Weiser in 1937 and called The Salem. One of the reasons Eisenstaedt choose the building was the close walking distance to the famous Roosevelt Avenue Hub of the 7, E, F, M and R trains. Plenty of shopping was just down the block for added convenience.

Eisenstaedt passed away in his bed at his summer cottage in Oak Bluffs, Mass., at age 96 on Aug. 24, 1995. His Jackson Heights building, now a co-op, looks as pristine today as it did 80 years ago with trees now lining the block.

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