Conservative talker Dan Bongino was in Middle Village 1

Dan Bongino lived for a time at 66-16 79 Place in

Middle Village, seen here as it appears today.

Daniel John Bongino was born in Queens on Dec. 4, 1974. He originally was from a broken home in Jackson Heights, but his mother remarried and he was raised in Glendale, attending Saint Pancras School and going on to Archbishop Molloy High School on a scholarship. A bright student, he went on to receive a degree in psychology in college.

Bongino joined the NYPD in 1995 and was married a year later to Suncere Casillas Frehley. They set up home at 66-16 79 Place in Middle Village. In 1999 he left the department and joined the U.S. Secret Service as a special agent, soon guarding President George W. Bush and later Obama.

The stress on the marriage led to divorce, and Bongino was married again in 2003, to Paula Andrea Martinez-Ortiz. He left the Secret Service in 2011 to run for the U.S. Senate from Maryland, the first of three unsuccessful campaigns for office. He wrote a book, “Inside the Bubble,” which brought him attention, and has moved to Palm City, Fla. He is seen on Fox TV and heard on talk radio with his outspoken conservative views. His latest best-selling book is 2020’s “Follow the Money.” In October, he revealed that he has Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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