Charles Vallone’s family achieved the American Dream 1

The Astoria home of Judge Charles Vallone at 22-07 19 St., as it looked in 2017.

Charles Vallone was born in the town of Prizzi in the city of Palermo on the island of Sicily on Feb. 8, 1902. He arrived at Ellis Island in 1906 at the age of 4.

Vallone worked his way through law school as a court stenographer, determined to become a lawyer. He succeeded and then married Leah Palmigiano on April 20, 1931. They soon moved into a four-story apartment building at 22-07 19 St. in Astoria. A son, Peter, was born in 1934.

Charles maintained a lucrative law practice at 1 East 42 St. in Manhattan in the old Corn Exchange Bank Building. In 1955, newly elected Mayor Robert Wagner appointed him to the Queens County Civil Court as a judge. He passed away in his judge’s chambers at Kew Gardens on March 15, 1967 at age 65. PS 85 in Astoria has been named in his honor.

The apples of this family don’t fall far from the tree, as his son Peter went on to become speaker of the New York City Council. A grandson, Peter Jr., served in the Council and then became a judge in the same court his grandfather worked in, while another, Paul, is a councilman today.

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