Carl Icahn added a new angle and phrase to Wall St. 1

The childhood home of Carl Icahn at 789 Empire Ave. in Far Rockaway, as it looked in the 1940s when he lived there.

Michael Icahn was born on the Fourth of July, 1894, in New York City’s poor Lower East Side at 131 Suffolk St. to Russian immigrants. He pulled himself out of the neighborhood and a got a job as a teacher at Manual Training High School. He had a desire to be a singer. He became a cantor.

He married teacher Bella Schnall in Nov. 30, 1933. Their only child, a boy they named Carl, was born Feb. 16, 1936.

They moved out of Brooklyn to 789 Empire Ave. in Far Rockaway. He graduated Far Rockaway High School and attended Princeton University. Carl went on to New York University School of Medicine but dropped out after only two years. In 1961, he decided to be a stock broker instead. He brought in a new phrase on Wall Street — corporate raider. He bought TWA Airlines and then stripped it of it assets to pay back debts. Still sold the company later and made money. His accomplishments are too vast to list. Forbes lists his wealth anywhere from $17 to $22 billion.

The childhood house on Empire Avenue is a good investment too, appraised at $1.3 million today.