Bernie Madoff’s bride grew up in a Laurelton home 1

The childhood home of Ruth Madoff, wife of Bernie Madoff, at 137-25 224 St. in Laurelton, as it appeared c. 1950 when she lived there.

A 21-year-old CPA named Saul Alpern married Sara Presser, two years his senior, in August 1935 in Brooklyn.

They were blessed with a baby girl Joan in 1937. On May 18, 1941 another daughter, Ruth, was born. They lived in Brooklyn at 240 Sullivan Place in Crown Heights. After World War II, Alpern’s CPA business at 570 Seventh Ave. in Manhattan was booming. In 1950 they moved to a large 50-by-100 English Tudor home in the Queens “suburb” of Laurelton at 137-25 224 St.

Ruth got married young at age 18, in 1959 to Bernie Madoff, whom she met at Far Rockaway High School where they both went. In 1960, her husband started a penny stock investment company. She worked as his bookkeeper. She gave birth to two sons, Mark in 1964 and Andrew in 1966.

Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities became the largest Ponzi scheme in history. He said he got the idea from observing how Social Security worked. With the arrest and conviction of her husband, Ruth did no jail time, claiming she knew nothing. Today she lives in a condo complex in Old Greenwich, Conn. with little in the way of assets. Longevity is on her side. Her dad passed away at 95 and her mom at 94. The Laurelton childhood home is appraised at $538,000 while the Sullivan Place home they left to go to Queens is worth $1,400,000.

Once again location, location, location.

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