An Ozone Park corner, changing with the decades 1

The Ace Movie theater, 95-06 101 Ave., Ozone Park, fall 1948.

In 1922, Richmond Hill lawyer Gaston F. Livett (1866-1944) opened a bank. He opened it at the corner of Jerome Avenue (now 101st Avenue) and Woodhaven Boulevard, received charter No. 12280 and called it Ozone Park National Bank. For the next 14 years, his bank was able to print what were called national bank notes. He printed over $458,000 worth of money in nine different denominations.

The government stopped this practice in 1935 and the bank closed its doors a few years later. The bank is gone but its national currency bills are highly sought after by collectors today.

In 1938, Samuel Rinzler and Louis Frish bought the property under the name Randforce Amusement Co. They ran a chain of movie theaters in Queens and Brooklyn. At the Ozone Park corner, they opened the Ace Movie theater.

The 1948 photo shown here indicates it was a lower-end operation showing old cut-rate movies. The two flicks on the marquee were originally released in 1942 and 1936, respectively. Not much is known about this mystery theater. Its name disappeared from the Queens telephone book after 1953. Shortly thereafter and for the next 20 years, the property was owned by the Judi Bern Realty Co., public records show.

Today a newer building is on this spot, with the corner store selling ice cream and frozen yogurt. The structure is now owned by the 101 Woodhaven Co.

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