A spy who loved film: Broccoli. Albert Broccoli. 1

The childhood home of James Bond film producer Albert Broccoli at 21-16 27 Road, formerly called John Street, in Long Island City as it appeared in the 1930s.

Italian immigrant Giovanni Broccoli, known as John, married Cristina Vence, who was 22 years his junior, on Sept. 7, 1902. They welcomed their first son, John, two years later, followed by future movie producer Albert Romolo Broccoli on April 9, 1909.

The family lived in a humble house on John Street, their property known today as 21-16 27 Road, in Long Island City. Around 1920, the family decided on a career change and bought a farm on Moriches Road in Brookhaven, LI, and became farmers.

Young Albert took off for the West Coast and married radio star Gloria Blondell, the younger sister of movie star Joan Blondell. Albert became very interested in the James Bond novels and wanted to turn them into movies.

He discovered former Canadian circus performer Harry Salzman, who had been trying to break in as a film producer. They formed a partnership and made their first movie together in 1962, “Dr. No,” the first of the James Bond saga.

The partnership dissolved by 1978 following a series of financial missteps by Salzman. Albert lived until age 87 and passed in June of 1996.

Albert’s family still controls the James Bond franchise, and every Bond movie begins by displaying his name in the opening credits.

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