Parks addressed at 106 NCO meeting 1

The recent 106th Precinct meeting focused on two problems at two Howard Beach parks.

The 106th Precinct held its Sector A Build the Block meeting on Thursday, Aug. 20 in the Our Lady of Grace parking lot, where residents discussed issues involving the playground attached to PS 207 and Charles Park.

While neighbors have been commenting that Charles Park has been neglected for years, the pandemic has magnified those concerns. Over the past month, groups of concerned residents have organized to clean up parts of the park, but the level of waste still bubbled up as an issue at the meeting, according to attendees.

“The Charles Park issues do revolve around the COVID situation. There are a lot more people using the park,” said Community Board 10 Chairwoman Betty Braton.

Neighbors have also taken issue with people using the PS 207 playground at night, according to state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach), who was at the meeting. The 106th Precinct has taken on the responsibility of locking the park at night, but Addabbo said that someone recently cut the lock, causing a stir among residents.

“The park should really be closed at night,” said Addabbo.

The meeting also got heated when some residents brought up the idea of creating a neighborhood civilian patrol. This topic caused some confusion as it falls outside the purview of a typical Build the Block meeting, which is specifically aimed at opening up communication between residents and the NYPD.

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