The addiction of smoking is such a horror to those in its thrall that people have long recognized that tobacco warrants far more regulation than other commodities. The industry is, after all, just about the only one whose products, when used correctly, bring a miserable death.

Along comes the vaping industry, with its promises of a somewhat less-destructive alternative. That’s great, if it can genuinely help people get off cigarettes.

But the vaping companies were never just about marketing to adult smokers. Like the tobacco industry, they’re looking to hook kids. That’s been proven by their offering flavored vapes. Kiwi Berry, Strawberry Shortcake, Watermelon Bubblegum — are you kidding? If those aren’t geared toward the teen or even tween set, what is?

And once they start vaping, young people can easily switch over to smoking cigarettes.

So our congratulations and thanks go to the City Council, which voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to outlaw flavored vaping products. Among large cities, only San Francisco has previously done the same. Mayor de Blasio is certain to sign the bill into law.

Those who want to switch from smoking to vaping surely can do it with products that taste like, well, smoking. Banning flavors meant to entice youngsters into one bad habit, possibly followed by a much worse one, is entirely justified.

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Matt M.

If vaping is so bad, what would help tobacco-people to give up cigarettes? I want hit like a bolt from the blue in August 2018 by a stroke, my animal body reacting to sugar or salt overload. Now I'm better but left handed and not right hand dominant like before. What can I do but survive and thank God?

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