As we gather in deep celebration this Thanksgiving, most of us find so much to be thankful for and send our best thoughts and, when we can, assistance to those who are sick or suffering, lonely or impoverished this holiday season. We also recognize there is much to be desired in society today, things for which we are not so thankful.

We are thankful so many people have protected themselves against severe illness, hospitalization and death from Covid, but not so thankful the coronavirus has been so resistant to being beaten into submission and appears that it will be with us for good, like the flu, maybe even taking its place;

thankful Mayor de Blasio instituted his Pre-K and 3K For All programs because they’re great for parents and help kids get off to a good start academically and socially, but not so thankful he did so much damage to schooling beyond that, especially by denigrating and racializing excellence and so often changing the rules on parents and kids mid-game;

thankful de Blasio’s two terms of service to the people are ending, but not so thankful he appears to be planning a run for governor because you just don’t know what strange turns of events could bump him into the top spot even against better candidates of greater wisdom, as happened in the 2013 mayoral race that put him into office;

thankful the City Council takes the threat of climate change seriously and is working to make the city more resilient, but not so thankful it thinks it can slow the rate of temperature rise by banning natural gas in all new buildings and substantial renovations, allowing only for electrical heat;

thankful our incoming mayor plans to allow restaurants to use propane heaters to keep their outdoor dining sheds warm over the winter like they did last year, but not so thankful the outgoing mayor left the owners in limbo by announcing a ban as his term nears its welcome end;

thankful crime is nowhere near where it was 30 or 40 years ago, but not so thankful it’s jumped as much as it has, with murders increasing last year by 47 percent, the fastest rate recorded since reliable records have been kept, and holding steady this year;

thankful there’s a growing awareness that the criminal justice “reforms” of the past few years have been an abject failure, but not so thankful that people like Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are still saying, in writing, this very week, that the problem is that prosecutors are still sending too many defendants to jail;

thankful that when anarchists attacked the peaceful people of Middle Village and their homes, our incoming mayor stood tall to denounce the mayhem, but not so thankful that we have dozens of people near our area who thought random destruction in a residential area was the right response to a court decision involving no one here in any manner;

thankful that we now have a governor who seems to know how to get along with people including our next mayor, but not so thankful our last governor harassed women and lied about Covid deaths while getting started on a book touting his overrated leadership just three weeks into the crisis;

thankful that whatever affronts to the conscience occur in the realm of public affairs, we have our families and friends to enjoy the holidays with, but not so thankful that so many people are so divided over the issues that policy rifts are splitting them apart personally;

thankful the Mets have a new owner whose front office has plenty of time to plan for a solid 2022, but not so thankful the team’s offseason looks no better than usual; and

thankful we live in the world’s greatest city, in the world’s greatest country ... and we’ll just leave it at that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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