There is little our two most recent mayors agree on — certainly not when it comes to major issues such as crime, education or their attitude toward the business community. But somehow they both believe Democrat Eric Adams is the right person to be our next leader.

That former Mayor Bloomberg and outgoing Mayor de Blasio agree is indicative of how Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, has run his campaign — part progressive, part conservative. Addressing de Blasio’s plan to eliminate Gifted and Talented education, for example, Adams put the brakes on it, indicating he will not only not eliminate the program, but expand it to more schools and increase opportunity for kids. He will also look to identify and expand programs for kids with dyslexia and other learning struggles. And he backs charter schools, along with better traditional schools in minority communities, and the Specialized High School Admissions Test. All of that is vital today.

Addressing the increase in crime, Adams makes clear that he will defend and support the police force but not accept anything less than professionalism from all cops and will hold them accountable. He will go after petty crime, which is now overlooked by order of de Blasio, the City Council, the state Legislature and the last governor. The results have been terrible. It only makes sense that Adams, a retired police captain who made reforming the department a priority while he was there, will tackle crime while finding the right balance with people’s fundamental human rights.

On economics, unlike de Blasio, who seems to have contempt for anyone who has achieved financial success, Adams has repeatedly pointed out 65,000 NYC residents pay 51 percent of the income taxes here. It should be fairly obvious to all that if a government wants to provide all the services that NYC does, we need to keep the high earners living here. The pandemic made it all too easy for people and companies to work remotely, whether from Florida or the Hamptons, and we need them to come back.

Once he becomes mayor, tough decisions will need to be made. We hope Adams is able to govern on the moderate path he ran on. The City Council will do everything in its power to move him left.

He told our Editorial Board he would hew to the center when he came in for an interview. And look, for example, at what the New York Post reported Sept. 20 (AOC, for the few who don’t know, is U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez):

“‘I’m a big believer that you know, I think, AOC and I believe we both want the same things, we just have different pathways to get there,’ he said on CNBC when asked about the controversial outfit she wore to last week’s star- studded Met Gala. ‘Her mother was a domestic worker, or did things on that level, [and] so was my mother.’

“‘But when you talk about just blanketly saying tax rich in this city, we may have 8 million people, but 65,000 pay 51% of our income taxes,’ Adams added in his response to the lefty lawmaker’s controversial getup. ‘And if you say to those 65,000 to leave, then we’re not going to have the firefighters, the teachers, all of those basic things.’

“Instead of impulsively advocating for raising taxes on rich Big Apple residents, Adams said, the city should first find ways to trim fat in the city budget and then assess if taxes should be hiked to bring in more municipal cash.”

Adams’ opponent, Republican Curtis Sliwa of Guardian Angels fame, is a colorful creature well-suited to his chief work as a talk radio host. Like Adams, he loves the city and has made a mostly positive contribution to it for decades. But he’s not mayoral material; he’s never held any office. We’re proud to endorse Eric Adams for mayor.

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