It might be nice to think that knowledge and a sense of responsibility were all that are responsible for 96 percent of city schoolteachers and 99 percent of principals getting at least one shot of the Covid vaccine by Monday, but the fact is the mandate played a major role. It’s a lot harder to put everyone around you in greater danger, needlessly and pointlessly, when it means losing your income and career.

By comparison, the latest NYPD and FDNY vaccination rates are 68 and 59 percent, respectively, according to the Daily News. Pathetic. De Blasio must impose his mandate on cops and firefighters too.

One little secret, though: Those teachers who don’t get vaccinated still get to keep their health insurance for up to a year, at taxpayer expense. That, and the lack of other mandates, shows the power of the unions.

All city employees without a genuine health-related reason to not be vaccinated should get the shots. Those who don’t want to comply should get no more than a month or two of health benefits and then be sent off on their own. They’ll comply, just like most teachers did.

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