Things are really happening over at the Umbrella Hotel in Kew Gardens. Things like shootings, raucous parties, drug use and prostitution — even the underage kind, according to the police.

And what’s City Hall’s answer? “We don’t have time for this.” At least that’s the word from state Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal, one of the area’s elected officials who’ve been begging the de Blasio administration for help in doing something about it.

Last week Rosenthal led an online meeting with various officials including a representative from the mayor’s Community Affairs Unit. Apparently it was a waste of time, as the city had “literally no answers.” The assemblyman called the meeting “an embarrassment.” Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz deemed it “a disaster.” And she summed up the situation well in comments to the Chronicle: “You have to make time for this. Child prostitution? You should be making time for this. Shootings? You should making time for this. Having no time is no excuse at all. It’s insulting.”

Capt. Antonio Fidacaro, commander of the 102nd Precinct, is stunned by the boldness of the people committing crimes at the hotel, which back in August he called his “No. 1 problem.” With cops out front all the time, he said, “You’d think ... that the crime would subside but it doesn’t appear that it has that much.”

Huh. Maybe the people making life miserable for the surrounding residents are aware of the disrespect for cops you can get away with showing these days. Maybe they’ve heard the anti-police rhetoric coming from many of our elected officials and academics and the media. Maybe they’ve seen the videos of arrests being disrupted by mobs of people. Maybe they know what a revolving door the justice system has become thanks to last year’s insane “bail reform” laws. There must be some reason they believe they can get away with gunplay, underage prostitution and whatever else right across the street from the criminal courthouse.

If Mayor de Blasio sticks to his usual formula, eventually something terrible will happen at the hotel, he’ll say it’s unacceptable and that we have to do better and then take shots at President Trump and the New York Post. But surely there’s a legal basis to close up the Umbrella. What we need here is an actual mayor.

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Well, I do not heat Kew Gardens, but I surely can understand an official saying "I don't Have Time for This!" here are a lot of important things that I don't have time for, and I cannot do everything that comes my way. I suppose it is the same there. At the moment there are more issues that fixers available.Some things have to wait.

A committee of residents needs to fo to the precinct, and once getting their attention, need to sit down with them and get commitments from them about policing.

You tell me this is a hotel, operated by Hilton. It is they who should patrol and police the property, and add these costs to the city for housing these people there. Impose a security surcharge.

Of course I live in beautiful down town Richardton (ND) . We pay the sheriff's department for police services, and that deputy will usually be 30 - 45 minutes away. Oh well, It is good to keep in touch with Queens!


postal guy

This sounds much more like a political hit job than concern about a bad situation. Maybe you should try focusing on the problem, if that is really your interest. It doesn't seem like it when most of the article is dedicated to other things.

stan chaz

Despite the Queens Chronicle claims to the contrary, the Mayor DOES have his hands full--as never before in his term or any of his predecessors. Instead of faulting DeBlasio for his “shots” at Trump (who tells our City & State to literally drop dead), you should be focusing your ire and your complants at the police department. You yourself demean the police by claiming that they will be influenced to stand aside because of videos or protestor free speech or heated rhetoric that disrespect or citicizes them. Withour genaralizing, I hope that the police in question are not so sensitive as to “stand down” because their feelings are hurt, as you imply. Hopefully they are better than that,.Hopefully they understand that they must do their jobs no matter the rhetorical slings and arrows tat are always present in a democracy. If bars can be and have been legitamely shut down for repeated acts of violence & crime on their premises then law enforcement must likewise act here. Otherwise the complaints & rumors of a police slowdown will become an all too evident & shameful reality --and the basis of an even greater loss of confidense in fair, just & equal policing in our city.

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