It seems nearly impossible to have an attitude of gratitude in these dismal times, but Thanksgiving is that one day out of the year when nearly all Americans, regardless of faith or ethnic origin, agree that we should consciously appreciate all that we enjoy. And we do indeed have much to be thankful for.

With Covid-19 rapidly spreading, we can be thankful that lifesaving vaccines are nearly ready to go. Inoculations could begin as early as Dec. 11. They will take a long time to get to everyone, but think of the explosion of hope and joy that will burst forth as the virus gets knocked down. It might end up like the end of World War II. And today may be like early 1944: There is a lot of misery ahead — expect a brutal, unforgiving winter — but the light at the end of the tunnel is within sight.

We join with most of Queens in being thankful that President Trump’s term is nearly over. Despite some successes — the stock market reaching 30,000 for the first time Tuesday benefits not just the rich but anyone with a pension or 401(k) — his tenure has been marked by many egregious policies and an appalling approach to governing. He never grew into the office. He had his chance but remains a terrible person. He’ll be out soon.

On a lighter note, we again join with most of Queens in being thankful a new owner with bottomless pockets and a willingness to spend big money has taken over the Mets. It’ll be a new era in Corona when baseball gets back to normal. That team in the Bronx needs some help, but that’s not our problem.

We’re thankful our problems are not worse than they are. Crime is up, but not like it was in the early ’90s. We’ve seen political violence, but not like we did in the ’60s. People need help to get by but it’s available.

However you’re celebrating — safely, we hope — have a Happy Thanksgiving. And hope for happier days soon to come. We expect much more to be thankful for next year.

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