Even if you’re such a nice guy that you wouldn’t hurt a fly, we ask that you make an exception. The spotted lanternfly has got to go.

To get a better look at the destructive little bug, check out our story in this week’s edition or at qchron.com if you’re reading online. That way you’ll know what to kill.

The lanternfly is an invasive species from China with a big appetite that’s destructive to agriculture and ornamental plants. That means your garden: everything from tomatoes to roses. It lays eggs on a variety of trees, where its young feed on the sap and damage them too. It’s favorite is the tree of heaven, itself an invasive species from Asia.

Please squish any spotted lanternflies you see, and if you really want to perform a public service, learn how to identify and destroy their eggs.

It may seem like fighting an insect is a losing battle by definition, but look at how well we’ve done against another tree-killer, the Asian long-horned beetle. In many places where it was on the rampage, including Queens, it has been declared eradicated.

Now it’s time to show no mercy to the spotted lanternfly.

If only we could do something about the tree of heaven while we’re at it. It’s really more like the tree from hell. But for now let’s just get rid of its nasty little tenants.