After NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins circulated a racist video about policing in the black community, telling everyone how great it was, he gave a lame apology. Surprise, surprise, he even said he had black friends. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

When Mullins said 18-year-old murder victim Tessa Majors had gone into Morningside Park the day she was slain in order to buy marijuana, breaking her family’s heart some more with no need, he again apologized. But he wrapped his mea culpa around an accusation that the family had misinterpreted his words, making it seem like he hardly meant it. He just couldn’t get it right.

And now Mullins has told the world that the NYPD is “declaring war” on Mayor de Blasio over his alleged lack of support for officers. Nothing the mayor has or has not done comes close to justifying the hatred spewing from the sergeant’s keyboard. Demanding that de Blasio not visit wounded cops in the hospital, such as the two just hurt in assassination attempts in the Bronx, Mullins declared, “This is not over, Game on!” We’re not sure what game he’s talking about, but a member of an organization that’s armed to the teeth and has commanders issuing orders should not cavalierly throw around declarations of “war.” Mullins’ words are demented, disgusting and dangerous, and should have no place in the NYPD.

This page has long been a strong supporter of the Police Department and a critic of its critics when warranted. But there’s no backing Mullins. De Blasio suggested there should be consequences for his “hateful, divisive speech,” and we agree. Mullins should apologize, and make the third time pay for all: He should show the world he means it and step down as head of the union. Surely there are plenty of other sergeants with more brains ready to take the job.

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204th Street Jack

Since I have not been privileged to read anything other than the editorial on this I'd like to know all the details connected to see if I share the same opinion or not.

Is there another article you have published I can read?

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