We’re on the cusp of summer, whether measured scientifically (June 21) or as the last day of school (June 27, a Monday, which is so lame for kids and families). And it’s getting hot out — time to hit the beach!

You shore can go wherever you wish, but there’s no need to use precious, pricey gasoline to head out to Long Island or the Jersey Shore. Just zip down to the Rockaways, by car, bus or train. The peninsula has it all, right here in Queens.

Just this spring, Travel + Leisure ranked Rockaway among the top 25 beaches in the country. “This may not be your typical palm-tree-lined beach, but for New Yorkers who can hop on a subway or bus to reach its white sand, five-mile boardwalk, and surfer-worthy waves, it’s weekend heaven,” the publication said, ranking it alongside such places as Santa Monica, Calif., Clearwater, Fla. and Poipu Beach in Hawaii.

The mag included one Jersey Shore beach in its listing, but none from Long Island — not Jones, not Robert Moses, not Smith Point or any of the smaller ones in between or in the Hamptons.

It did include Coney Island, and we suppose that if you want to ride a roller coaster or get one particular brand of hot dog, that’s a fine place to go. Otherwise, go to Rockaway!

We’ve got all the sun, surf and sand you need here — along with great concessions, music and a unique vibe that blends the hustle and bustle of New York with the mellowness of beach life. You can lay out, you can surf, you can stroll or bike the boardwalk. Whether your board is two and half feet long with wheels or six feet long with a fin, you’ll find your perfect playground at Rockaway.

It’s true that major shoreline work is ongoing with a lot of the beach closed, but there’s still plenty of room for you on the sand and in the water. The project won’t last forever, and it will result in a stronger, fuller shoreline. The beach awaits you. If you still need convincing, check out our lead story in this week’s qboro, our Arts, Culture & Living section, and see if you don’t feel the call of the waves. Then answer the call!