We don’t understand what those 20 families in Flushing’s Bland Houses who have been without gas since at least Feb. 1 in some cases and March 24 in others are upset about. That’s nothing.

According to the New York City Housing Authority’s own database, there are ongoing gas outages in 63 sections of NYCHA buildings or entire buildings right now — and five of them date back to last year. The earliest is from April 24, 2019, and the second-oldest from July 9, 2019. Happy Anniversary, Sack-Wern Houses! Your entire Bronx building has been without gas for cooking for a full year today. Home sweet home.

This is pathetic. NYCHA is pathetic. The families in the Bland Houses, the Sack-Wern Houses and every other building in the system deserve much better than the hot plates they’re given to make meals with when something goes wrong with the gas. Not to mention the interruptions to elevator service (10 buildings right now), hot water (four at the moment) and electricity (only two as of today) they’re forced to put up with.

At the Bland Houses, the problems are one broken gas cock (that’s a valve) and one leak somewhere between floors. The private sector would have the work done in a day. With NYCHA, it takes months. Why?

Remember all the reforms that were coming to public housing under Mayor de Blasio? All the federal oversight on top of those? What a joke.NYCHA, get your act together and fix the damn valve and pipes already.

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It's not nycha its the buildings department holding everything up, anything gas related the buildings dept is involved and they are a idiots!!!! I work for nycha and know.

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