The city is in the midst of spending its biggest budget ever, with a $10.4 billion increase planned for the next one as money rains down from Washington, and the workforce under Mayor de Blasio is far larger than ever before — but the government still needs volunteers to perform the most basic of municipal functions: taking care of garbage.

That’s right, folks, now’s your chance to become a litter ambassador! With the prestigious title comes a city-issued vest, and the honor of encouraging people enjoying time in our parks to make sure they dispose of their litter properly. Just think of the joy you’ll get from walking around the park with a roll of bags, handing them out to folks and pointing them toward the nearest receptacle. No doubt everyone will be just thrilled when you interrupt their picnic!

Ex-hall monitors may be glad to join this effort, but we could think of better ways to volunteer. Also, people shouldn’t litter. And when they do, the city has employees on the payroll whose job is to clean up. They lack the title ambassador but don’t work for free.

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