Nationwide, the election results at this point appear to be a clear repudiation of President Trump, of the reactionary recklessness, casual cruelty and debilitating dishonesty that stain his character, overshadowing any decent policies that manage to find their way out of his administration.

This is made clear in the way the Republicans appear to have held onto their slim Senate majority — long-embattled Sen. Susan Collins, who at times openly defied Trump, won, in a surprise to most analysts — and actually made gains in the House. A number of GOP candidates nationwide, including a relatively strong contingent of women, won their seats not thanks to the presidents’ coattails, but despite them.

In this as in so much else, Trump stands alone among recent presidents. And if the latest numbers hold up, he will stand nearly alone in being one of just a handful who were denied a second term in office.

Here in New York State, the dynamic played out similarly. While Trump lost by double digits, as expected, Republicans crushed Democrats’ dreams of a supermajority in the state Senate, appearing to take back several seats they had lost just two years ago. Among the victories were Vito Bruno’s defeat of Sen. Andrew Gounardes in Brooklyn and Alexis Weik’s win over Sen. Monica Martinez on Long Island. In both cases, Republican ads highlighting the Democrats’ disastrous no-bail law from last year were used to devastating effect. Even veteran northeast Queens state Assemblyman Ed Braunstein may have lost, to first-time candidate John-Alexander Sakelos.

And in cases where incumbent Democrats did win, they often had less support than before. In South Queens, longtime state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. and Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato won re-election by fairly comfortable margins, but 10 percentage points less comfortable than the last time around.

It’s clear that in much of Queens and nearby areas in and out of the city, the get-out-of-jail-free philosophy, other radical ideas and the socialism that so often goes with them don’t fly. (Certainly in some places, from Astoria to Far Rockaway, they do.) But even as they rejoice in Trump’s apparent loss, Democrats here should realize they need to act in moderation too.

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Dems need to heed Trump's fate?? I was wondering when your editorial would come around to saying why, instead of why Reps need to heed Trump's fate. All you could come up with are Dems "Get out of Jail Free" policies -- when it's Trump's crooked cronies who got out of jail free, and Dems "Socialist policies," when you ignore the fact that over 70% of Americans are in favor of Medicare for all. Yes, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would have lost against Trump, but a centrist like Biden won against con man, pathological liar and world's worst businessman Trump. Yes, many of the cowardly Republicans were afraid to say the Emperor has no clothes got re-elected, but that's because you can fool some of the people all the time. Self-righteously preaching that Dems should be more like Republicans in the face of Trump's loss is nonsensical.


Just goes to show how much stupidity and racism there is in Queens, NYC, NYS, USA. Very sad that people are more afraid of Socialism (which they don't understand) and fear Antifa (which they also don't understand) and would rather have a known fascist/dictator/racist/narcissist/self-absorbed moron as President.

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