If you felt helpless watching the unrelenting, merciless snow fall, swirl and pile up earlier this week, you weren’t alone. All across Queens and the region, people were reminded of the awesome power of Mother Nature and the fact that while we can mitigate its effects, we cannot avoid them.

If you get around by car, you probably saw yours buried, and your street rendered impassable for a time. If you use public transportation, maybe you were one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need above-ground subway service, which was suspended, or maybe you were not. If you walk wherever you go, we hope the distance was short.

The snowstorm was the 17th worst to hit the city since 1869, according to Gothamist. All we can do is keep digging out and know that eventually, whatever’s left will melt. And spring is just six short weeks away. Or is that six long weeks? We’re helpless to say.

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