As the players step up to the plate for the first time this season across the country today, April 7, the Mets are looking mighty fine. For decades, and especially since the Bernie Madoff scandal, they’ve been the lesser franchise in New York. But now they’ve got the richest owner in sports, and he’s willing to spend what it takes to win.

Now the team, and its fans, have swagger. Even with ace Jacob deGrom out with an early injury, the Mets have depth, as well as fellow superstar hurler Max Scherzer, acquired in the off-season. He’s the key reason you could say the Mets won the off-season when it came to acquisitions. They also picked up a great No. 3 starter in Chris Bassitt. With all this skill on the mound, the Mets had the second-lowest ERA in the game during spring training, even after that final 14-0 shellacking by the Nationals.

The Yankees, meanwhile, took mediocrity to the nth degree during spring training, and no wonder — their off-season deals earned them things like two new catchers who can’t hit their weight. As New York Post baseball columnist Jon Heyman points out, a kind of role reversal has occurred.

Now the Mets have the brash, superrich owner, and a team that has the depth to overcome setbacks. They also have as their incoming skipper a veteran of the Yankees organization, with more than 20 years of experience managing ball clubs: Buck Showalter. No more learning on the job, as the Mets had under Luis Rojas, who’ll be a fine manager someday for someone else.

Of course there are questions — will Pete Alonso be able to match his record-setting rookie year, when he hit 53 home runs? Will deGrom heal quickly and get back to the top of his game? As Mets fans, we know things are never going to be easy — especially not with the Phillies and Braves in our division — and we’re ready for anything.

But boy, does this year look promising! And after the delay in starting the season due to the lockout, we are more than ready for it to begin. The best sign of spring is the start of baseball season, and everyone should root for the only professional sports team to call Queens home. Let’s go, Mets!