Mayor Adams’ mantra since taking office is that his administration gets stuff done. It would serve him well to focus more on living up to it, getting done those things that he got elected on, and enjoying a little less on the glitz and glamour he’s availed himself of since taking office.

Don’t get us wrong — it’s great to have a mayor who enjoys nightlife, likes being around people and loves the city. Adams’ predecessor was a misanthrope who preferred to wander alone, went nowhere he didn’t have to go and made clear that he was constantly disappointed in the people of the city for not recognizing his greatness. At least Adams’ ego comes with more joy than anger.

But the stylin’ and profilin’ is getting to be a bit much. It’s one thing to go to the Met Gala, a city institution of a sort, as Adams did — in a jacket meant to send a message about gun crime. It’s another to head out to Los Angeles so he can do things like sit on a panel discussing financial technology and watch comedian Dave Chappelle perform. Adams says he travels to sell New York and to learn from other cities, but the Big Apple sells itself, and there’s really nothing we need to learn from the City of Angels. It’s weird there.

Adams needs to fight crime and get guns off the streets; rising crime is reason No. 1 why he was elected over more “progressive” candidates. He should be in the precinct muster room, not on the red carpet. We still only have 8 percent of office workers back full-time; most are not going to come back until they feel safe. He needs to get mayoral control of schools renewed; for that he needs to go to Albany, not LA. Remote learning was devastating for students, Adams doesn’t even have strong control of the Panel for Educational Policy, and he needs to in order to implement the great reform agenda he and Schools Chancellor David Banks have in mind. He also should forget about city whatever intrusion into the food industry he and the mayor of London talked about the other day.

Cut crime, educate kids, clean the streets and parks — that’s being mayor. Focus, Your Honor. Swagger is good, but it’s results that matter!