You hear the same old mantra every four years, and you may be tired of it: “This is the most important election of our lifetimes.” But the thing is, it’s true, just about every time. As the country becomes more divided, as the government grows in scope and power, as technology and ecology pose questions we haven’t had to confront before, yes, you could say each election is more important than the one before. That seems especially true today, when our candidates for president differ more in outlook, background, personality and belief than any in living memory. George W. Bush and Al Gore were two peas in a pod 20 years ago compared to President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden today.

So get out and vote! You don’t even have to wait until Nov. 3, and it may in fact be a good idea not to wait. Nationally at least, this election will almost certainly draw the biggest turnout in history. There are likely to be long lines in many polling places, at a time when standing on long lines is one of the last things you want to do. Early voting starts Saturday, and while you may have to travel a little farther than on Election Day to get to the polls, it’ll probably be worth it. You can find out where both your early and regular voting sites are at

And don’t forget there are plenty of races other than the one for the White House to vote in. Seats in Congress, the state Senate and the Assembly are also up for grabs, along with judgeships. You can find a comprehensive list of candidates in Queens in this edition of the Chronicle, or at You’ll also find some races covered this week, with how many depending on which edition of the paper you get. If you don’t find one you’re looking for, all the stories we’ve done in recent weeks on this year’s contests are also on our website. Searching there for a candidate’s name should get you the story you’re seeking.

People died so you could vote. A lot of them. Our system of government requires some activity on the part of each of us in order to work. There’s much you can do, but the least is to vote. Do it.

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stan chaz

Yes, I agree - it is your duty and your responsibility to vote.

And thank you Queens Chronicle, for reminding us that people died so you could vote. A lot of them

Unfortunately, there is a presidential candidate who calls those same people “suckers” and “losers”-a presidential candidate who can’t even understand why these heroes gave their lives for our country, a presidential candidate who does not know the meaning of sacrifice.

There is a presidential candidate who has no shame as he demands that wounded war veterans stay out of his military parades because “it’s not a good image”.

There is a presidential candidate who did nothing when it was revealed that his pal Putin placed bounties on the heads of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan .

There is a presidential candidate who developed a convenient & retractable set of bone spurs when it was time for this pampered rich-boy & fake populist to serve his country.

There is a presidential candidate who disrespects Gold Star families and their ultimate loss & grief and sacrifice.

There is a presidential candidate who mocked a real hero, John McCain, for getting captured and tortured as a prisoner of war in World War Two.

There is a presidential candidate who does not deserve to keep the title of Commander in Chief, and his name is Donald J. Trump.

If you do anything this election vote this sorry excuse for a President out of office.

Do it for all those who were wounded and died on the battlefield so you could have that right to vote. Do it in their memory. Do it to respect & remember their sacrifices. Do it to respect yourself - and the country you love.

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