Leave it to the unelected educrats in the city Department of Education to make a divisive policy change, via the school calendar of all things, walk it back a little and leave no one satisfied but many bitter in the end.

The issue is Columbus Day, a federal holiday, which a number of municipalities and 13 states have turned into Indigenous People’s Day, dismayed at the forceful imposition of European civilization on Native Americans more than 500 years ago. New York City is not one of those municipalities whose elected officials have made the change.

But that didn’t stop the DOE, which decided to do so on its own. Following an immediate backlash, it came up with the absurd “Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day” instead. It can’t split the baby here. Also, while Columbus is especially hailed by those of Italian descent, his achievement has long been celebrated by Americans of many ancestries.

We’re tired of the DOE sowing ethnic division. Native American culture should be recognized on its own, separate day. But if it must replace or somehow share Columbus Day, that change should be made by our elected City Council and mayor, not the people behind the city’s school calendar.

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